Easy-to-cook recipes to make quarantine eating easy


Want to prepare a delicious meal using limited pantry resources and time? We dish out a few easy, microwavable, healthy recipes that can be prepared in minutes.

Bon apetit at a museum


Restaurateurs Surinderrpal Singh Surri, Jaasjyot and Ishijyot are passionate collectors and their Andheri restaurants and bars are the perfect display platforms for guests to engage with antiquesPersian wall clock at Miniya-Turk, Turkish-Italian rest

Makar Sankranti 2020: Try these 6 lip smacking delicacies during this harvest festival


Today we have curated some mouth-watering recipes that you can prepare on the occasion of the harvest festival. Read on to know more.

Miniya Turk I Restaurant Review I Mini’s Food Fundas


Ramadan recipes: Delicious Iftar dishes you must try


From Bhuna Raan to Boti Kebab, these delicious recipes are sure to add some extra flavour to your Iftar gatherings with your loved ones.

देशी गोडवा


जगात भारताचे नाव त्याच्या दुग्धजन्य उत्पादनांसाठी गाजते आहे.

कबाब कॉर्नर


नॉर्थ इंडियन फूडच्या सफरीत आज आपण नॉर्थ इंडियातील फेमस, स्वादिष्ट शाकाहारी कबाबविषयी जाणून घेणार आहोत.

खुसखुशीत पराठे


मे महिन्यात शेफखान्यामध्ये नॉर्थ इंडियन फूडची रेलचेल असणार आहे.

कुक्कड कमाल दा!


चिकन हे उत्तर भारतीय खाद्यपदार्थामधील आवडीचे अन्न म्हणून ओळखले जाते.

A Rollicking Iftaar at Mulk


Daawat to dine


With Eid just around the corner, check out these special menus, pop-ups and meals to make the most of the remainder of the holy month of Ramazan

This Summer, go nuts over coconut!


Rose tinted glasses


A Ramazan staple, Roohafza was recently in the news for fostering Indo-Pak bonhomie. Here are a few cooler, newer versions of the drink

Iftaar special: Mulk brings authentic biryani, kabab and more


Juniper dreams


In the lead up to World Gin Day, we took a bite of dishes made with the spirit, so you can skip the cocktails if you like

A young Turk in Andheri


A new eatery serving Middle Eastern and Italian fare is a decent addition to the suburb’s packed F and B scene, but don’t expect anything spectacular

Heritage On A Plate: Ishyijot Surri


Kitchen On A Vacay


Back to basics with basil seeds


With numerous health benefits, basil seeds are one of the most underrated ingredients. Here’s how the seeds are a superfoods.

No-cook breakfast!


Popsicles: The fun way to stay hydrated


Indulge in sweet treats and beat the heat without cheating on your diet with these low-calories fruit and vegetable infused popsicles.



Swag wali Holi at Mulk Restaurant


This Holi, besides smearing each other in bright hues, keep your spirits high by savoring on scrumptious food spread at MULK

Monish Chandan & Shikhani Shah – Ruler Of Cuisine’s review for Mulk


Oye kakke! tussi Punjab Da ho..apne ghar ho…that’s the feeling you get in Mulk. The homely feeling of Punjab. As soon as I entered, the manager greeted us warmly and we were escorted to the middle table.

Bliss Over Bite this Valentine’s at Copper Parrot


The month of love is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning your idealistic Valentine’s day with that special someone.

Mumbai Food Review: Time Travel with ‘Mulk’


Manasi & Ronak Mastakar are transported back to the Pre-Partition era through the food served at this restaurant.

New restaurant in Andheri is an out-and-out Indian affair


A new Indian restaurant in Andheri doesn’t knock our socks off, but isn’t disappointing either..

18 Colourful Places To Relish Sumptuous Food In Mumbai On Holi


Relish a colourful menu and tuck into delicacies like Rang bi Rangi Murg, Makhmali Rangeen Kofta, Zinga rangeen & Moti Pulao at Mulk. Pair these dishes with Thandai Rasmalai, Badam kesar milk, Anguri Rosogulla and lots more!

Top 8 Women’s Day deals in Mumbai you Cannot Miss on March 8


Make the most of these irresistible offers on your special day.

Mulk Food Review Mini’s Food Funda’s


Five heritage ingredients that have made a comeback


Known for being a significant source of dietary protein, fibre, carbohydrates, and dietary minerals, legumes have found a comeback for its special quality of not containing any cholesterol, very less to no fat and low sodium.

Great Indian Restaurant Festival


Why pay more when you can eat more for less. Grab your GIRF coupons today. Hurry! Only limited coupons available.

Iconic Indian Restuarant of Mumbai


MULK Executive Chef and Owner Ishijyot Surri along with Co-founder Jaasjyot Surri at the Mid-Day Awards receiving the award for Iconic Indian Restaurant in Mumbai.

Lockdown menu